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PGM Indicator module (Blinkstop)

C7 Owl

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I think I'm never gonna program my thick skull to consistently turn off indicators after use.  So have purchased the handy looking PGM module that self cancels the indicators and has a snazzy metal indicator switch to improve dash. 

Install instructions a little sparse but can follow up to the final instruction no 6 on PGMs sheet.  That advised to remove the connector to the closest guage and connect the power and earth as follows.  Vehicle loom green to pin 1 Red then vehicle loom black to Pin 7 black.  

Could anyone whose installed this translate for me which guage, closest to what, should the guage I disconnected be left unpowered?  

Iv emailed PGM but thought I'd see if anyone on here could help as theyv not responded yet.  If I hear back from PGM I'll put answer up.  

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Vehicle loom Green is "Accessories fused by ignition switch".
Vehicle loom Black is "All earth connections".

It doesn't matter where you pick these up.

I suspect that they recommend using an existing gauge's connections to make the wiring easy. If you pick them up from a gauge then the gauge should end up connected as it was before you started.

But what connectors are attached to the unit? Please can you add a photo of the unit and the wires.


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Hi C7 Owl

We have seen an email which we received at 13.01pm today asking a similar question. Are you Phiroze by any chance? 

If so Andy replied to your question at 17.47pm, if it isn't you then we haven't received your email. Could you confirm whether it is you or not please? If it isn't please try resending it to andy@pgmsussex.com

Kind regards Colin

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Yes this is same person.  Thanks for your reply,  I think I've got my head around wiring now.  Although I haven't quite worked out which guage or exactly how I tap into 12v power.  Ive done a bit of playing about with 12v so should be able to work out.  

Before I get to that, I'm having a slight issue removing the old indicator.  I'll probably take pictures and do a step by step for the whole process on here once I've done it.  Unless I decide better to pop down and ask you guys fit it.  For now I'm gonna crack on.  

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Can anyone give me tips on removing the old indicator switch? For a 2000 kseries car.  

Other switches it's normally a nut at back.  This does not appear to have one.  See pictures.  The assembly guide does not seem to give guidance on this part of car.  Not really keen on pulling off and hoping.  

What is fastener type used, how can I remove it and be able to reuse?  See links to pictures.  





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Iv tried to use a screwdriver to turn the bezel by pushing counter clockwise on that nook shown in picture.  It seems solid and not going anywhere.  Do I need to lubricate / secure rear then turn? Is there a better tool to use?

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It's all fitted now and looks much improved on dash with self cancelling working well from testing.  I'll give it a road test tomorrow morning.  I will do a idiots guide fitting instruction for those like me.  The ones that came with it assume your not daft.  In PGM defence they were very responsive via email.  Very happy with it. 

There were a couple of issues, before fitting I realised existing indicator hole in dash bigger than new indicator fixing rings.  Used washers (PGMs idea) that I drilled / filed inner hole to size the indicator switch would just go through to have minimum extra metal on dash.  After fitting switch and module it did not work, checked everything simple then did extra hard squeeze with pliers on the piggy back splice connector for 12v live and ground.  Must have been cautious in first place as then worked a charm and now operates as advertised.  


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