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1982 Ital axle variants.

Nigel Riches

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I am on the search for a replacement half shaft for this axle, and through the help of Gary K have a link to a pair on Flea bay, however these are advertised as being from a 1.3L Ital, so, another question now, were there different axle shafts for the various engine outputs? I understand various final drive ratios were available for the different engine outputs, but haven't noticed any mention of variations in half shaft dimensions, other than Marina and Ital have different keyway sizes. I would appreciate any advice on this, before I launch more money into the wallet draining black hole in the garage. Cheers. Nigel.   

OK, so in the few minutes of trawling through the World Wide Waste of time (not in this case) I have found some interesting stuff, new shafts for sale, however the vague description of " Marina / Ital" doesn't send me a good signal, as these shafts are the same, as far as I can ascertain, except for the keyway width, which could throw it off the pitch.

Anyway flog on rewardless.



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Hi Nigel,

If you've not done so already then search out 'The Great Axle Debate' by Graham Sykes in the Low Flying archive. Should tell you all you need to know about the differences in the axles. This doesn't mention any difference between the 1300 & 1700 Ital shafts either and I'd have thought it would if there was one


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