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SOLD: 300P0147C (LH) + 77302CF (RH) Carbon Rear Wing Protectors (drilled) with rubber piping

Dom Williams

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Good evening all,
I am selling some of the extras that came with my ’96 Seven when I bought it last year.
All components are in full working order, I am selling them simply because I have no need for them.
The components are located in Chipping Norton, happy to arrange postage and/or collection.
Please do PM me if anything captures your interest; prices are negotiable.
Thanks in advance.
High quality images can be found here:

300P0147C (LH) + 77302CF (RH) Carbon Rear Wing Protectors (drilled) with rubber piping (£90 for the pair or £50 each)
LH shorter (designed for the stepped arch that leaves space for the LHS exhaust tip), RH taller variant. In need of some TLC to restore the carbon (I would expect some 2000 grit wet&dry on a sanding black and half an hour + a polish would leave a nice satin finish). Prices for the panels on the Caterham Parts site are £114.00 and £88.91

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