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For Sale Great Specification - Roadsport 190 BHP For sale - Major Price Update!


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2000 Roadsport British Racing Green with Yellow nose band and centre stripe



   ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​ 20210702_164334.thumb.jpg.ef2072dcc0c4090bcce874b9edc5397a.jpg








14InchWheels_0.thumb.jpg.a3723d965decaaca646c7eaa1882155c.jpg DriverfrontSus2_0.thumb.jpg.51c4bcd8742984193ac928fdb5df7297.jpg 


**** Update****

I have reduced the price substantially! It is now substantially below what I have been told its worth but I realize times aren't what they were!


I have added some additional images to show a bit more of my Caterham. I haven't used the soft top hood but I put it on yesterday to see what it's like on the car. It looks good I think.

I've also added images of the wheels showing the discs and images of the front suspension to try and show a bit more of the overall condition.

I will also include the original 14" wheels which are in very good condition. The tires are legal but near the limit but I guess if someone wanted a road set and track set of wheels they would be useful. I have never tracked it and only ever driven in the dry on public roads in my 12 years off ownership. 

I have lots of items which such as the brand new boxed Brooklands Screens and Stanchion with mirrors that I never got around to fitting, half doors and other bits that can be included for the right price if a new owner would want them.

The private plate is included but can be removed if a new owner doesn't want to use it.


Caterham Roadsport 190BHP

Roadsport British Racing Green with Yellow nose band and centre stripe

MOT June 2024


In excellent condition being kept in a warm garage and used on dry days only.

I am the 2nd owner and have owned it for 12 years covering approx. 5400 miles.

It was built by a former club area organiser in 2000 with many modifications appearing during his ownership which I have added to during my ownership.

I have every bit of detail from the original order to every modification and invoice for everything ever spent and anything ever done! The history of everything is 100% complete!

Since owning I have had a new 5 speed BGH gearbox E6 Heavy Duty Road and Track, 2.83, 1.81, 1,26, 1.00 0.85. fitted along with Quaife short-throw shifter and Ali gearbox cover including dipstick. This box has covered only a few hundred miles. These boxes are expensive and developed by the guys that designed the 6 speed Caterham boxes and in their opinion are better suited to the larger engine Caterham than the 6 speed box.

I also fitted a new Caerbont programable Caterham speedo and sender with a Caterham wheel sensor bracket.

Wheels I fitted are Compermotive CXR wheels 8.0 x 13 ET15 rear and 7 x 13 ET12 front with Yokohama 048 medium rear and soft front. I also have the original 14" wheels.

It had its cambelt changed by Dave Andrews (DVA Power) in May 2019 along with a quick throttle body balance and ECU tweak. Its done very few miles since (circa 200).

Its also just had a new Radtec aluminum radiator and SPAL fan fitted

During lockdown over Christmas 2021 I replaced all the rear bushes with Powerflex bushes. The originals were fine but it gave me something to do and it does feel smoother than the standard bushes.

Other features are:

DVA power K series 1800 engine with Jenvey throttle bodies making 190 bhp

• Bernand Scouse Airbox

• Caterham Lightweight Flywheel

• Emerald ECU

• Laminova Oil Cooler

• Brand new Radtec aluminum radiator and fan to (great cooling system designed by previous owner).

• Apollo anti-cavitation tank

• Wide track front suspension

• Adjustable suspension platforms with Bilstein dampers

• Caterham big brake kit (4 pot)

• Stainless Exhaust including manifold by ‘Exhausts by Design’ – re-packable

• Exhaust Wrap

• Removable Momo Steering Wheel

• Spa gauges – oil pressure/temp and water temp/voltage

• FIA Track Day Roll Bar

• 5” Chrome headlights

• Leather Caterham seats with 6-point harness

• Battery Isolator

• High Level Led Brake Light

• 12v socket

• New Rear panel to remove a small crease, new painted rear wings, and S/Steel Protectors fitted Nov 2016.

• Full Weather Gear: Heated Screen, Doors, Full Hood and Bag

• Matching half hood (never used) BRG with Yellow centre stripe

• Private plate can be included as it is in my mind part of the history but it can be removed.

• Whole load of other parts available by negotiation including Brooklands screens (still boxed and unused), 14 inch original wheels and tyres, half doors and other items.

I have really cherished this Caterham as did the previous owner who was a good friend of mine. I would love it to go to a good home and continue to be cherished.

The price I believe represents excellent value and is substantially below what it has been valued at. It would make for a very expensive build today!

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Yes it's been very well cared for all its life as I'm sure many Sevens are. It was built  and appropriately modified over the years by Paul Marroit who was a friend of mine and area organiser and then by me for the last 12 years. Its a tough decision selling it but hopefully it will find a new home and enjoyed by a new owner for many more years to come

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It has sold. After lowering the price (a lot) and re-advertising on Piston Heads I got a fair bit of interest pretty immediately. It sold within days but is being collected today. I took the advert down on Pistonheads but can't figure how to edit or delete here since the website has changed. Maybe its me!

Anyway, its a sad day and I will be sorry to see it go. I have had 21 years of Caterham ownership so it will be odd without one! Its been great and never say never again! The new owner is getting a fantastic car for the money. It should get a new life and I think get used far more than I have in the last few years.

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