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Part numbers for lambda and thermostat

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I have looked but is there a list somewhere of part numbers?


What I'm specifically after is a lambda sensor for a 2012 sigma fixed cam (I can't read the number on mine). Also a part number for a thermostat and thermostat housing if anyone knows what it is? 

Sorry if I've missed a list of part numbers somewhere.





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On my 2008 fixed cam the Bosch part number is 0258 006 599/600. Photo from another Caterham post for reference.



If you take some brasso to yours and remove the surface oxidation you will see it stamped on the sensor.

I had more luck searching on Ford equivalent number 3M51 9F 472 BC. Focus Mk 2, there are  a number of after market alternatives.

Bosch seem hard to find but both Caterham and Sevens and Classics had stock when I checked.

I found an aftermarket equivalent from Valeo at 1/3 of the cost but have not been able to fit it as I can't separate the old one from the catalytic converter yet', no jobs are ever straightforward on the Cat.









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Find the number and have a good look around for the genuine part because it's often the case that you can find them much cheaper than you might think. 

For instance I bought one Tuesday for my Duratec at £38 on Amazon. (That's give up to £50 now but still cheaper than many other places)

Incorrect advice though, it does fit, and is exactly what the car had originally.


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I've used Autodoc for a few orders now and the prices are good/comparable to Euro Car Parts but have vastly more options. I recently got a new lambda for my CSR (Bosch 0258003229). Directly replacement for the original part and a 1/3rd of the price of Caterham (£55 from Autodoc). 

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Thank you everyone for your replies they have been really helpful and one bought.

I wanted a spare to put in my boot as I'm about to start a big road trip. Keep an eye out on my Instagram or Facebook page to see where.

I've had the lambda sensor break before and it was not fun so a spare in the boot is a good idea for a long trip I think.


Thanks again for all your help.



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