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Weird mileage logging!

Rhys Mann

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My Caterham isn't logging it's mileage correctly, and is under recoding and was wondering if anyone would know why this would be happening?  I did 124 miles this week but on the cars tracker and on Strava it showed 202 miles!  Could this be an issue with the speed sensor or the odometer itself?

thanks in advance :)

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I had a very similar issue on my Sigma engined 310R.  I first noticed when I could only get about 120 mile range from the fuel tank...  At that point the speedo seemed ok, but later it would drop from time to time at higher speeds before recovering.  After comparing the odometer with a GPS watch I realised the recorded mileage was significantly less than GPS mileage.

The light on the sensor seemed to be showing triggering was working ok at slow speed, but on-road testing was still showing issues.  I had the sensor gap checked and adjusted, but not long after this the sensor completely failed. It's since been replaced and I have a working speedo and odometer again.



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