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Steering vibration under braking


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Could anyone help me with my problem of steering  vibration under braking ?

The car is an r300d with the original tyres and  plenty of tread left on the fronts with 4000 miles on the clock. 

It seemed to all start after the car went to c Midlands for a service last year ....the car came back with wheels  incorrectly balanced ,car returned and rebalance better but not right then took it to another garage finally got the wheels balanced correctly !!!

But now I'm getting vibration when braking ???

what could this be ?and how to fix it ?

Many thanks David 

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Disk run out maybe but seems unlikely.  I'd be checking for play in the steering, from top joint to bottom UJ and the rack plus wheel bearings as above.

Is the big lock nut on the steering rack tight?  If not then it will lead to excessive play in the rack which might be the cause.

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David it is al guesswork but you can cut things down by specifying exactly what CC did on a both times it was with them - all answers you have been given are possible but you need to help focus the answers by setting out what the changes were when the car was with CC - you'll get a more focus response then 

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Thanks for all your response so far guys !!

Well it was the cars 2nd service done at c/midland,and it was only a few weeks before they closed ....the service was very poor tbh. 

The disks and pads are the originals. 

When I had the car back first time there was very bad steering vibration at speeds of 70+just when driving no braking ....they had it back in and the balanced wheels. 

Im sure this problem was not there before they had it in !!

The weights are ok on the wheels now.   

It dose look like they may of changed the brake fluid on this type of service 

Hope this helps someone shine a light on my problem please ?


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It may be uneven friction material build up on the discs. If you have a fast stop and the car comes to rest ..... if you leave your foot on the brake pedal, you can get a brake pad shape section of friction material bonded to the disc. This then feels like the disc is warped, as the steeing wheel will judder when you brake. I don't believe discs warp. You can clean this up with garnet paper ... both sides of disc .... or try an few heavy brake applications from 70 to 30 ..... as hard as you can without locking the wheels ..... but don't stop the car .... drive on quickly to cool things down before repeating. Look out for cars behind ... and watch for fade if you do it a few times ! Don't stop (park) until brakes have cooled. Discs are very cheap .... so easy fix is new discs and pads. Simple DIY fit too. If I have a heavy stop .... I stop short of the line ... then inch forward slowly to avoid heat build up in one spot. Do this in the tin top too.
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