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Intro to Sprinting - or 10k workout?


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Having volunteered for the track walksit turns out Graham and Paul have obviously been talking to Fiona as I now seem to be entered into some form of fitness workout on the day whilst everyone else is drinking coffee and sitting in a large tent.

I may need to loose a few lb but I mean come on guys *shout*

On top of that they stick me in for a quick lap at lunch time also just to make sure I get the message *censored*

I will need to sit down all afternoon to recover.

Better hope the dash turns up or I will be driving blind after warming everything up on the laptop and easimap!

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You must have upset Graham and Paul somehow *hehe* - my role seems to involve *coffee* and then a bit of *driving* later in the afternoon. Oh apparently I have to show some people around - might be nice to stretch my legs a bit.

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