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Harness adjustment for FHR


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So, I've purchased a Simpson Hybrid and having had a 'fitting' in the 7 today I've decided to make a top harness mount plate to adjust the angle of the shoulder straps.

In reviewing previous posts on the matter I don't recall seeing anything about MSA recognition/acceptance of this.

Does anyone know if there is such a regulation to govern these templates or what the position might be come scrutineering time?

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Hi Chris - as far as I can see there is no MSA regulation on this so it will come down to what the scrutineer thinks of the solution. A couple of the Caterham race series mandate that modifications are done by Arch and certified as such. I had mine moved at Arch last week - they drill the top rail, braze in new bosses in the correct place (as measured with you in the car) and then cut slots in the bulkhead to allow the belts to be bolted the bottom of the rail thus lowering their mounting position.


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