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NOW SOLD WITH PICTURES & LOWER PRICE Freestyle Alloy AVO Dampers and Springs Adjustable Platforms Widetrack


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Set of Freestyle Alloy AVO Dampers with springs and adjustable platforms, they are  Widetrack -  I bought them 3 years ago off a Hillclimber who said they were 12 months old then. I re-bushed them then. 

The Front spring are marked with green paint if that helps .

They came off a 1997 K with Bellow the De dion fixing but as they are adjustable will fit both.

After cleaning you can see the  rear springs will need re powder coating so the new price does  reflect this.  Depending on the your front mounts you'll need  new Ali bushes for the front dampers. AVO or Redline can help

I am looking for £130 plus P&P £7 UPS


Reason for change ? I've gone Nitron


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Some more useful information for a buyer would be whether they are for the through or below de-dion mounting, and whether they are for the older front geo with the combined rear mounting for the upper wishbone/damper, or the newer separate damper mount.  Good luck with the sale. 

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