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Oil Pressure Sender Thread Adapter-K Series


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Hi Gordon. I've got all of my thread adapters from LMA via JJC Race and Rally. However, I don't know if it works having a larger female thread than male. You might be able to drill and tap the oil filter takeoff for an M12x1.5 thread? It means taking it all apart and making sure no swarf gets into the oilways though.

The full selection of LMA bits are below:


It must be possible to carefully pick some bits to make things work out. Good luck!

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Thank Mankee

I​ am using a remote unit with a tee piece, one side feeding a Stack oil pressure sender the other a k series sender which is M10x1, which I suppose if push came to shove I could strip out the T piece and tap to M12 x1.5.

I will check out your supplier, it must be possible to  get a converter. 




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Thanks guys

What I thought would be a simple task is turning into a marathon.

I only wanted to replace the k series sender as its readings are erratic,  I have a stack sender fitted which gives steady readings, but I have to keep switching the stack unit through its various read outs to check.

I thought having a reliable k series sender in the system would make life easy while driving.

If I can't find an adapter I will just put the new sender with M12 x 1.5 into a spares box and use the Stack.

Running remote from the filter housing- I don't want to go back to the housing with its inherent problems. 

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