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Rollcage Bolts?


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Earlier today I tried to fit a "roadsport" cage to my S3.  I thought I was prepared by purchasing in advance a new set of bolts - here. - for fitting from beneath.  So you can imagine my surprise when they don't fit!  The bolts are far too small.

After trying out a few bolts, I found that an M12 bolt is the correct thread.

Is this normal?  

Where can I purchase shallow/low head bolts that are M12?  Are they available on CC Parts site - I can't find them?


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I have an odd one with a groove cut to clear threads. It has a 3mm thickness head if you get the grinder out. Also grind a socket to remove the chamfer and get a better grip. Finally copious amounts of copper slip when you put the bolt in.

i have a 1/2 inch unf tap if you're nearby and need to clean the threads out.



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