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Adjusting Tracking - New Build

Jim 123

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I have my new build S3 on wheels and it is showing a significant and unequal amount of Toe Out.

I may be doing something stupid, but I can't get any movement on either Tack Rod to make adjustments.  Can somebody tell me if I am doing something wrong before I resort to brute force.

I set the Track Rod Ends with 11 threads of the Track Rod engaged on each side as per the build instructions. The car is on the ground, with the retaining nuts for the Track Rod Ends fully loosed.  I am using Mole Grips to try and turn the Track Rods, and the grips are positioned just inboard of the threaded section of the Rods.  I haven't  tried to remove the Gaiters where the Track Rods exit the Rack assembly, is there a locking nut hiding in there.

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The locknuts are all loose, and I've taken the Rod Ends off just to ensure no crossed threads are inhibiting movement, but still no rotation.  I'll have a go at Richards' suggestion in the morning and snip the cable wraps and go hunting for the spanner flats on the Track Rods.

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