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Quantum Racing Suspension Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship Regulations 2016 - Now Published

Comp Sec

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Tyre warming is 100% out from 2017 and is already prohibited on a number of events. As the tyre change affects this year have caused a records reset it was agreed that in order to eliminate any reasoning for a second reset next year the tyre warming will be withdrawn from this year.

Thanks for spotting the error on the Curborough Regulations, I can confirm that tyre warming is not permitted at Curborough, and will clarify in the finals.

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53 Entries so far.

  • Class 1 - 12
  • Class 2 - 15
  • Class 3 - 11
  • Class 4 - 5
  • Class 5 - 1
  • Class 6 - 8
  • Class 7 - 3
  • Novices - 3
  • Ladies - 4

Class 5 currently has only 1 competitor entered, if you have entered class 6 or 7 but now are having 2nd thoughts and are considering going back onto 1B in Class 5 please feel free to let me know and we can adjust your class.

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I think thats how it will be Chris.  Class 5 will just be the catch all just like 7 used to be.

It will not be fun with a high powered car on 1B - bordering on silly.

6 with a FHR is a far better bet and it looks like a good spread of cars and will be popular.  Competitors can at least measure themselves against past performance and see if any upgrades have helped them go quicker.

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That's why the class is there Del.

It's a bizarre swap over.  We always used you have the catch all class 7 where we knew anyone could turn up and compete or if there was a scrutineer who didn't like something on the day but our own regs were clear we could always let someone run in 7.

Now with a little less room class 5 will need to be the catch all other than anyone turning up on 1c tyres.

It's a shame as the big fast class 5 cars was what got me interested in 2001.

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