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Half hood measurements


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hi all

i am trying to order a half hood for a series 3 imperial chassis car with a single diagonal via roll bar

I have taken measurements as per softbits website and discussed it with them as my measurements don't match theirs!

my measurements are

a= 80cm screen to centre of roll bar

b= 62 centre of roll bar to boot fixing

c= 154.5 side to side measurement across the top of the bar

this falls between their std bar 79cm and high bar 81 cm so they ask that I post something here to clarify!?!

I not that on another post thunder sports state 80cm as the screen to roll at measure.

Having supplied the measurements And knowing of their current state of flux I have to confess to losing some confidence in their ability to deliver. Anyone experience of both products softbits vs thunder sports ?

thanks mark

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