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Half hood measurements


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hi all

i am trying to order a half hood for a series 3 imperial chassis car with a single diagonal via roll bar

I have taken measurements as per softbits website and discussed it with them as my measurements don't match theirs!

my measurements are

a= 80cm screen to centre of roll bar

b= 62 centre of roll bar to boot fixing

c= 154.5 side to side measurement across the top of the bar

this falls between their std bar 79cm and high bar 81 cm so they ask that I post something here to clarify!?!

I not that on another post thunder sports state 80cm as the screen to roll at measure.

Having supplied the measurements And knowing of their current state of flux I have to confess to losing some confidence in their ability to deliver. Anyone experience of both products softbits vs thunder sports ?

thanks mark

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Hello, I am new to this site and Caterham ownership, coming from MGBs, Thunder Sports is a sister company of Oxted trimming. I have a similar bar to you and intend to get a half hood. I will take my car down to them to let them measure.

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  • Area Representative

Thundersport or Oxted trimming will give you the EXACT points to measure from/to over the telephone.

Did this for my Seven when building it a few years ago. The half hood is a perfect fit. Oxted will also include a coloured trim strip if you require one.

Don't forget to ask for the 10% Club discount then you can afford the hood storage roll as well!

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Bear in mind that windscreen to roll bar measurements depend on:

- where on each you measure from (middle of each?)

- the position of the scuttle on the body - it can be a bit forward or back of what the engineers specified

- the positioning of the holes in the scuttle. A slight angle can make the windscreen more or less upright and so also affect the distance to the rollbar

- the roll bar too may have 'tolerances' but I suspect that's more likely to be in roughly the same place.

My softbits half hood (can't remember which size!) fits really well. If they have both in stock would they allow you to order one and return it if it doesn't fit? The 79cms one sounds most likely to fit (the windscreen surround must also be about 1cm wide so does this explain the discrepancy?).

Good luck!


(Big fan of both SBFS and Oxted)

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I am new to Caterhams so have some learning to do.

Why in the roll bar section on the Thundersports site does RB2 state FIA (track day) not suitable for live axle cars ?

Similar, the Easy in hoods for sale on EBay state "This part has been designed to fit the standard FIA Roll Bar not the High FIA Roll Bar or cars with a Live Rear Axle"  in fact all of the options state it will not fit a live axle car.




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