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K Series Oil Pressure Sender


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I am looking for a oil pressure sender for my k series, must be a good one, to buy or borrow a test mule.

I currently have both the standard k series unit and a Stack electrical sender unit fitted.

I would like to confirm which is reading correctly.  The standard Caterham sender or gauge is reading low(I have a new gauge)

Perhaps a member who has converted to a mechanical unit has one sitting on the shelf.

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The standard sender is very exposed ( unless you've fitted the remote mounting version) and very suceptible to damage  - I destroyed 2 going over plates into the company carpark before I realized what was happening .  The symptom is low pressure reading ( or no pressure reading!)


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Simon and SM25T

Both my units are remote mounted and not subject to impact damage.

I agree that going mechanical is the way forward but I am keen to establish that my Stack unit is giving good readings

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