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Porsche 968 coupe or 996 series C2


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I am currently hunting for a Porsche 968 coupe or 996 series C2 for myself.

Manual Coupe, Sport or Club sport preferred in a 968

Manual Coupe Carrera 2, gen 2, with good history (and IMS bearing replaced ideally), preferred.

private club buyer, looking for a private club seller matching any of the above

please send details or model, spec. miles and history, with a photo and ultimately, the asking price.


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Got one, not quite a 7, but pleasantly surprised at its poise and balance these were good cars for their day (a shame the Boxster came along and replaced the transaxle front engined Porsche cars - as they would have been amazing machines by now if they had kept deloping them like the 911)

Always interested to hear if any 7 club member have or spot any bargain Porsches up for grabs - I like a project and a good honest car - may consider a 924 Turbo as they are similarly fun compact and playful little things - finding a good one is the challenge these days.

My 968 Sport can be seen here - just a wheel bearing to sort out and its in pretty good shape for its age and a nice drive https://www.instagram.com/p/BDg3IfHGK_9/?taken-by=garethstears

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