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Hi Team

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this (which is that I am an idiot ha ha) but...

I purchased a pair of "pre-loved" Caterham black leather S Type seats on e-Bay described as follows...

"A Pair of excellent and genuine factory Caterham 7 seats

Black leather and a matching pair

Car was delivered from Caterham brand new with these seats and they were removed when the car was prepared for hill climb.

Seats are with adjustable mechanism...

However, I have just tried to install them and they won't fit and are too wide for the cockpit

I have measure the seats at the widest point and they are about 4cm wider than the cloth S type seats in my car at the moment

I'm guessing they must be SV seats (although this was not stated in the listing and No...I did not ask...I assumed and you know what they say about that)

Funny thing is that the base frame with the runners appears to have identical dimensions (width of frame and mounting bolt to mounting bolt) as does the seat back, the only things that is wider is the seat wings which flare wider

Thoughts (about the seats not about me :-)




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