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Quantum Racing Suspension Lotus 7 Club Speed Championship - Curborough Sprint Rounds

Comp Sec

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Simon, not sure what you are doing wrong.

Fill in the form down to Lotus 7 Club Membership No.

don't change anytthing down to parent / guardian

Fill in the form from Class to BHP

Fill in emergency contact numbers & payment methods.

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A few people asked how entries for Curborough were coming along.

At present we have 41 entries for May and already upto 20 for August.

  • Class 1 - 7
  • Class 2 - 12
  • Class 3 - 8
  • Class 4 - 5
  • Class 5 - 1
  • Class 6 - 4
  • Class 7 - 4
  • novices - 3
  • Ladies - 1

quite a few of the regular suspects still dithering .... and seems like the ladies in the club don't want to show there hubby up behind the wheel. ( or has hubby been hiding the low flying with the great articles on our successful lady competitors) there is still time to get a licence application in and have a go.


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617B29Rebecca Boston
510B34Andy Steele
511B33Andrew Mckay
512B32Paul Brown
513B38John Clarke
514B30Mark Bennett
515B36Philip Thomas
516B39Stephen Causey
517B29Paul Boston
518B37Richard Abraham
519B40Clive Marsden
520B28Robert jacobs
635C 1Chris Bramall
526B26Ian Jones
527B25Chris Whitlow
528B24Jonathan Heyes
529B23Andy Brown
530B21David Nelson
531B20Alan Bowler
532B19John Bransfield
534C23Roger Legg
535C 1Matthew Bramall
536C22Paul Collins
537C20Graham Howard
538C21Mike Cocker
540B18Andrew Willoughby
547B12Simon Redmile
548B11Howard Russell
550B10Dan Malkin
551C19Michael Calvert
553C17Tony Smith
554B 9Geoff Corker
555B 8Philip Matchwick
556B 6Malcolm Hickey
557B 5Oliver Wright
558B 4Matthew Jenkins
559B 3Jeff Smith
560B 2Richard Price
669C27Charlotte Johnston
565C30Adrian Elkin
566C29Matthew Larbey
567C15Jeremy Davies
568C28Phil Cook
569C27Jon Davies
570C26Michael Sankey
680C12Robert Jacobs
580C12Derek Read
690C 5Gillian Elwell
586C 4Chris Alston
588C11James Thornton
589C 3Mark Durrant
590C 5Shaun Elwell
Class 7 
595C 7Simon Harrison-Moore
596C 8Dave Gemzoe
597C 2Nigel Fox
598C24Simon Rogers
599C 6Robert Margel
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I'm looking forward to seeing you all..........................from my commentary box.

Incase any of you were wondering, no I don't take sugar in my coffee, but I like mayo (that's mayonnaise not Pam) in my bacon sandwich, and I do have a particular fondness for ice cream..............

It works a bit like Google; the more you invest in raising your profile, the better the outcome is likely to be.



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