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Ital/Marina axle parts - now just brakes


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Clive, I've got two useable condition half shafts, but I don't think they are a pair. I acquired one as a spare, and the other came from my car. The reason I don't have both from my car is because one was damaged getting the hub off. Your welcome to them for not much more than postage, but it would be your problem to get the hub off the one shown in the photo. Still interested?

PS I'm in South Bucks

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Hi Oliver,

If you've no use for them, I'll take them off of your hands. Perhaps Gonads might work for delivery. I'm in no rush.

Are the half shaft left / right handed, or doesn't it matter?

How do you diagnose a bent shaft? Rotating the wheels when up on axle stands, doesn't indicate any run out at the rim when measured against a fixed pointer, so is a bit puzzling. I have a vibration at high speed, similar to an un-balanced wheel.





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