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Thinking of going Freestyle then this could be for you.........Freestyle bellcrank rockers

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If like myself you missed the boat first time around and have fancied going inboard on the front then this might be of interest to you.

The Bell crank rocker is now no longer available from the original source and so this was always a sticking point, the steel parts are still available form the original source.

However thanks to the help of fellow members we now have full dimensions and a company able to CNC them for us.

So if your tempted then please let me know as we can add your requirements to the batch.

Thanks *byebye*

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Interesting - I am going to draw up the parts, but I have the pre-96 front end, so believe mine has to be different. I couldn't buy the inboard set-up even when Freestyle were around due to the chassis being different.

Good luck - it is a shame the design died with the company.

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Hi Guys,

Looking at £125 pair anodizied complete with the spacer fo between the bearings, bearings themselves are about £3 each for a decent quality online Simply Bearings etc.

Shipping to be charaged on a case by case as I'm getting enquires from wide and far.

Trying to keep things simple so we will probably go for the most popular colour choice for the anodizing.

Please BM me asap if your looking for a pair as I already have names against the first six pairs.

Payment details to follow later.




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Can I add something and I wish it to be positive not negative.

You will find that due to the short length of the damper when using the Freestyle set up you will be very much restricted to damper choice.

You will be able to fit a twin tube (low spec - not gas pressurized) damper and an high end Ohlins or similar.

Please take this into account when budgeting for cost and specing for performance.

Nitron no longer make the 3 way dampers in the small size that were fitted to 3 or possibly 4 of the kits that were manufactured.

I have serviced 3 of those kits.

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Simon is correct, which is why Gary fitted the AVO units, Getting anything else in between the chassis rails is going to be very difficult on a normal budget. The original damper platforms ran a couple of mm from the chassis tubes.

Also might be worth noting that the original set up ran with superwide wide track, so not sure if the bell crank is affected by just normal wide track pick up angles?

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I might be interested also, Simon. What sort of cost for all the components, and can I still use my shiny QRS dampers? And possibly more importantly, what does it realistically do for the car, apart from sate my upgrade-itus for a few months?

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