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2010 Roadsport 150 (Sigma) TPS


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I'm chasing a rough running problem on this car. The loom/sensors are Ford Focus.

But I need confirmation that the TPS on the CC branded throttle bodies  http://www.caterhamparts.co.uk/product.php?id_product=4056 is also the same source.

A search on eBAY the TPS looks outwardly the same as that on the Focus petrol engine range, but can anyone please confirm?





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I've just been down and checked mine - It is a Ford item, but you probably already knew that.  There doesn't seem to be any legible part number on mine though. There might be a part number on the reverse when you remove it?

Id probably take a punt and buy ford part number 1071403  HERE

If its not the right one when it turns up then send it back.  That price seems a little high though!

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Hi Malcolm,

Just been looking at this myself, third party versions are available on Ebay etc. Here are the part numbers to look for.

Ford part No. 988F989BB or 1071403

Fuel Parts part No. TP073

Intermotor part No. 19976

Motaquip part No. VTP101

Be careful of the very cheap one on Ebay they look like they are using old Ford tooling and are very poor quality (I know I bought one!)



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