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Knee Trim Fiiting Help Please

Jim 123

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I am trying to fit the Knee Trims on my 270 Kit, and would appreciate feedback from anyone who been down this road please.

When  you compare the fixing holes on the Knee Trims with the corresponding fixing holes in the foot well sides, everything matches in terms of hole spacing..

However, when I place the Knee Trims in position, I can not get more than the front most Knee Trim fixing holes to line up with the holes in the foot well sides.  As you come rearwards, the Knee Trim holes increasingly sit lower than their counterparts on the foot well sides. The rear edges of the Knee Trims are each slotted behind the fascia, and will not come any higher up without fouling things like the wiper motor.

It looks like the only option will be to offer up the Knee Trims into the optimum position, and re-drill new holes in the Knee Trims using the foot well fixing apertures as my guide. 

Am I missing something obvious?  Or is the only option to re-drill?


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I didn't drill mine at all, just a bit of judicious bending of the angled part that tucks under the scuttle.

When you fit them, think about a bit of anti seize along the edge that tucks behind the rubber. They are a real swine to get off when changing the screen!

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