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Fuel tank breather


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I'm not clear if an ordinary one way valve is the answer. Sure it will let air in and prevent fuel leaking out but how does it cope with increased tank pressure (car driving in high heat on circuits .... )?

Is this a real or imaginary problem ?

Is the Caterham valve a simple one way valve .... ?

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My filler cap is within the boot (directly on top of the tank, so no external cap) and I run a hose from the tank to a one way valve and then more hose and the lot sits just under the top tube at the rear of the car below the boot cover. The theory is it lets air in but not petrol out. It's not knocked about by anything in the boot and seems a neatish solution. No hissing noises on refilling either so don't think the tank gets pressurised. Have I missed anything?


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