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Speed Championship Mail List

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Over the last few months there has been a significant amount of work undertaken in producing a club mailing system to allow a secure email list to be used.

This has now been activated for the speed championship as an area list, which will allow general information to be sent to registered primary account members.

The mailing list has been configured with last years competitors and a introduction email sent out.  I will be adding new competitors as they register for the speed championship. 

The mailing list is open to both competitors and those with an interest in the speed championship, If you have not received the introduction message, please feel free to contact me to add you to the list

Specific emails relating to championship event regulations and entries will be sent to registered championship competitors via the email address provided at registration.

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Shaun, The mail list only goes to the primary L7C Account holder, at present there is no facility to register secondary email addresses.

Michael, You should have now received emails for both Gurston and Loton park, which have been delivered through the mailing list.

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In answer to your question re class, NO - Shaun presented the 3 cases very clearly to me last night and I managed to dodge making a decision by asking stupid questions! BUT them grains of sand are rapidly running out!

Where's that head-shaped hole in the ground? I was beginning to like it in there!

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Due to the number of people saying they did not receive finals for Loton, in future I will do a forward to all competitors (Regardless of if they have entered a specific event) of the entry list and finals.

the first one has gone out today for Goodwood, the mail list emails will always only show your email address but the subject will start with [speed Series]

I would be grateful for your feedback on if this is helpfull or not, to consider if we continue to sent entry lists out this way in future.

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