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My New Seven

Number Seven

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Hi Jonathan

I guess I was thinking of a Forum then


Ive looked at the Blogs and they seem to be like personal journals such as build logs


As a new member and having just purchased a new (to me) Caterham 7 I just thought it would be cool to have a dedicated part of BlatChat where I could "Show & Tell" and it struck me this might prove popular with other members...it could include upgrades (Perhaps titled something like (Buying and Upgrading)


No worries if this is not possible



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I may not be the best Member to advise... I'm slightly averse to thread proliferation.

How about writing yours as a blog on the site AND adding comments to the New Build thread in the TechTalk forum... and encouraging all new builders to join in the latter. That will carry as many photos as you and others want to add. Have you played with adding photos yet?

A large fraction of TechTalk is about upgrades... so I'd leave that at the moment.


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