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XF Rocker Box Breather- Flat Flange connector


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I am going to plumb a crankcase breather into the side of my cast ally rocker box, will someone please point me towards a supplier.  I have looked at the DIY stores, and find their tank connectors to protrude too much on the inside.


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I think I used a right angle plumbing fitment from a local plumbing store when I did this some years ago. The alternative is to fit a Ford breather cap with provision for a hose to be attached. Burtons do these (not expensive) and and even nicer all ali one (£40ish from memory) which, tart that my engine is, she has just had fitted. This option has the advantage that it's quick and easy and of being reversible too.

Good luck!


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I am using the breather cap with outlet for the pipe going to the catch tank, the flange connector is for the feed from the block.  The problem I have found with plumbing fittings is that they have nut heads on the inside which will leave precious little clearance for the push rods.  I am looking for something looking like  atop hat which can be locked by a nut on the outside.

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