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Carcoon for sale (NOW SOLD)


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Hi there decided to sell my indoor Carcoon been boxed and used only a few times in great condition with no holes or tears photos can be sent if you wish to see. 

Carcoon evolution

Size 3 regular, in clear and red (perfect size for a caterham)

power supply and charger included 

asking for £200 before it goes on eBay. 

Link to the manufactures website http://www.carcoon.com/carcoon-evo-indoor



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Well a 120mm PC case fan draws between 100-200mA, so say 200mA

So if you get a decent 100Ah leisure battery in theory it would supply 100A for an hour.

Scale that down and in theory it would run a 200mA fan for 500 hours, or about 20 days, or 10 days for 2 fans.

In practice it's likely to be less due to self-discharge and other losses, as well as temperature dependent.

Double the Ah of the battery and the time doubles.

That's why I got a decent size solar panel to keep it topped up as I didn't want to lug a big leisure battery back and forth to charge it up very week.

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