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Ballast / Lead weight


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I'm entering a time attack style championship with my superlight R (Superlaps Scotland based at knockhill) and its class system is based on whp / tonne with you in the car. To be competitive you need to be near the top of your banding (for me its 210 - 270 whp/te) and I can just about get my car heavy enough with all the weather gear, fuel tank of fuel, full wiper bottle etc for the official way in at the dyno (all cars go on the same dyno and get weighed on the same corner weighting scales.

At an event you will get called in at a random point to get weighed, they are only checking that you are eligible for the class you entered rather than you having to be the exact weight you were when weighed at the dyno.

I'm hoping to ditch the weather gear (aerodynamics) and replace it with lead ballast. Ideally pre-formed with bolt holes i.e. designed with motorsport in mind for easy removal. I haven't found any luck finding any so far though. 

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Aerodynamics are better with full hood and doors on fro my experience on the long straight at Barcelona GP circuit. By 5-10mph iirc.


As to ballast when I did the Academy I bought a roll of lead flashing from a builders merchant. Cut into strips about 5" wide and taped in sets with gaffa tape. Two holes drilled in line with holes I the chassis rail just in front of the passenger seat.

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Thanks yes that is perfect. I'll need 5 - 10Kg worth. Its a chicken and egg type situation. I need to know I can make my class, as I would be uncompetitive in the class above. Once I have a whp on the official dyno I can lose some of the ballast to suit the whp results.

At least I can place where required to suit corner weighting.

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