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Recirculating Heater Fitting

Guy Lowe

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After 12 years I have decided to put my heater back in (age!) but since then the car has been re skinned so no mounting points. Am I right to assume that it was originally secured with 4 x 7/16" or 1/2" bolts through the box section chassis cross member rails above the foot well and there should be 4 holes there under the ali? If so would someone be kind enough to measure the centers of the forward holes, my heaters centers are 276 mm.


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Guy, my 1990 De-dion car heater is held in with self tapping screws and large washers to cover  the holes....All as per the build manual! From memory the heater sits centrally over the tunnel .I can check the manual later to see if it quotes any  dimensions.



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Guy, just been and looked at the car..it appears that my memory is fading,as the heater is offset to the passenger side! The center of the left hand  forward mounting hole is 205mm from the edge of the car, the hole centers between the mounting points being 276mm as you quote above. Manual states that you will need to 'drill a 3/8" hole in the vertical bulkhead behind the heater approx 5" up and 15" in from the lefthand side edge of the chassis in order that the  wires  can be passed through a  grommet to connect with the loom.'

Cheers, Brian.

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