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Doors rising up at 79mph ish


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On a continental trip last summer, the doors on my s3 started to rise up out of the hinges above around 79mph, the top ones even when the straps were all done up. This resulted in some panicked octopus moments pulling over and holding everything together.

I was surprised, as I thought the heat (30 degrees+) would have made the brass fittings expand rather than contract

The issue was solved using some twisted wire around the hinges in a figure of 8 pattern, and are still on there now (albeit an ugly fix).

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon at all, or is it just my car with these characteristics?



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Not experienced such a problem and not aware that anyone else has. You could replace one of the brass fittings with a long bolt and nut, but this would make it a little slower to remove the doors if you needed to.

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Actually had a pin come out on an SV when a bunch of us went through France a few years back. None of us  had a spare...

They can slide up a little and just get pushed back down when you remember. If you don't, I think they rise up even more and can eventually leave...

I wonder whether the nylon buses expand more than the brass or get soft (or both) in hot weather and under higher speeds. The solution may be perhaps a dab of glue on the top part of the pin (so you can still take the doors off)?


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Have had the doors fly off a couple of times. Usually on windy track days when the wind angle catches them  

What I have done is put a small tie wrap on the hinge so the door won't slide up  will post a picture at the weekend if that's helps  

Hope that helps





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