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*SOLD* 15" / 10-spoke Anthracite wheel (in need of work)


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*EDIT 2* Dented wheel also now requested by a member so no longer available.

*EDIT* The formerly-listed cracked one has now been given to the powder coater, for them to paint a pretty colour of their choice as a sample.

I had two 15" / 10-spoke anthracite wheels available, as per:


Before you get too excited, neither are in perfect condition.

GONE: One has a partial (i.e. not all the way through) crack in one spoke, as discovered by Metal Magic after they'd stripped the anthracite off in readiness for a new powder coat. Therefore it'll need a welding repair, and a new powder coat.


The other still has all its original anthracite coating attached, however thanks to a South Yorkshire pothole the inner rim is dented. While in use this never caused the tyre to lose any air, but the rim really needs reshaping to return it to a state of roundness.

These are spare because I preferred to buy replacement wheels rather than having them repaired; if your preferences differ and you're happy to get them repaired these might be just what you're after.

New these are nominally £151 per wheel, but Caterham claim zero stock (and have done for some time) and I just bought the only one Redline had. There may be more in future, who knows?

£50 + delivery for the slightly bent one.

*EDIT* Or, make me an offer you consider to be more reasonable. The worst that can happen is I'll say no...

I can add pictures if anyone's interested enough to ask.

Thanks for looking.


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