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Fitting a new fuel pump

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Just done it myself.  Some will say otherwise, but I think it's easiest to take the tank out. The pump is on the RHS of the tank and access is very tight if the tank in situ, even if you shift it leftwards. I have Ali honeycomb under my tank, which means I don't have enough room to wriggle it and tip it to lower fro below. Rough time order of replacement is as follows:

1. Make Sherpa you don't have a full tank! Put ear of car up on stands.  Depressurise fuel system by running engine then taking fuel pump fuse out.  Take boot floor out. Undo electrical connectors from pump and sender.  

2. Disconnect filler assembly. To keep fuel vapours from escaping into the garage, after I removed the cap and neck assembly for the rear of the car, I rotated it and kept the neck and cap on the tank inside the car. Undo do high pressure feed from the pump. 

3. Undo rank strap, two long bolts and a L section bar to hold the tank. You should now be able to rock the tank.  Hopefully you don't have too much fuel in as the tank with fuel is heavy.  

4. If you have Ali honeycomb under the tank, push from below and wriggle the Ali to one side, allowing it to drop out from the other. The tank can now be lowered the same way.  

5. Careful drain any residual fuel into Jerry can from the filer neck. Pump is on side of tank. I think 6 screws hold it one. Loosen and remove pump. The pump will come out with the large external flange and internal bracket the holds the cylindrical pump.

reverse above to refit! 

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