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Zetec installation kit incl. engine


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not me, on behalf off German Sevener


Hi there, as I will change to a Duratec my complete Zetec Silvertop 2L installation and some other parts are for sale.

Following the dyno graph from the mapping at Northhampton Motorsport it gives 177BHP and includes the following:

Omex 500 ECU incl. sensors, (mapped by Northhampton Motorsport)

Jenvey 45s Throttle bodies Pipercross filter C604D, backplate C6131

Raceline headers Raceline flywheel clutch 2009 ARP con rod Raceline

engine mounts Dunnel Alternator kit Alternator Dunnel baffled sump

James Whiting cooling kit Head Gasket and Cambelt new

You get everything you need for a swap from e.g. a Kent engine.

 Engine is still in the car for testing if you like. Price 2000 Pound = sold


If needed the 5 speed gearbox and bellhousing could be sold as well.

Further parts:

Kit containing

Dunnell head ported

Piper 285 cams

Piper valve springs and metal caps.

This Kit will produce on Webers around 180 , on TBs above 200,

provided a proper exhaust is installed. Price 750 Pound

As new Silver Top 2l Engine. Price 600 Pound





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