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Driveshaft "damage"? Is this normal?

John Vine

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Re my continuing rear-suspension refurb, I've been examining the driveshafts prior to reinserting them.  I noticed some thin scoring just below the shoulder where the oil seal runs (the same on both shafts):


Is this normal, or an indication of a problem?

There are also some very fine hair-like steel shavings along the line of the score.  They seem to come away very easily and I plan to remove them lest they get tangled up in the diff internals.



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Never seen that before.

Indications are that there has been an in service interference fit with the Diff flanges so there should be some sort of radial witness mark on the Diff?

As a Seven is quite noisy at the rear end you would not have known that this was going on if there is an interference of surfaces.

If there were no leaks or any other related nasties prior to the strip down then cleaning up the swarf & checking the Diff is all you can do.

The dimensions between the drive shafts, Diff & ears are quite tight but I would not have expected a slight interference fit as displayed in your pic due to the CV joints  allowing some in/out flex.

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Many thanks for your feedback. 

I did peer into the diff to see if I could spot anything -- nothing obvious, though.

In late 2014, Phil Stewart (R 'n' R Transmissions) overhauled the diff for me, primarily to fix a pinion oil leak.  He certainly made no comment about witness marks at the time, and I've since done 2.5K miles with no apparent diff problems.  What I don't know, of course, is how long the problem has been around.  I suppose it's possible that it happened some years ago.

Anyway, I've removed the swarf as best I can, and reassembled.  The car's on SORN right now, so a test will have to wait a while.

In the meantime, I think I'll call Phil to see if he can shed any light.


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