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Attaching A-frame to de Dion tube: what Nyloc to use?

John Vine

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How many turns would you have on the outside of the nut?

Yes, of course!  Well done, JK.  Silly of me to miss that.

I reckon there are just about two threads visible, the outer one of which is on the taper.  The nut is fairly tight but I've not torqued it up yet.  So, maybe two and a bit clear threads when fully torqued?

Google threw up this, which says:

"Threaded fasteners, when installed and tightened, should protrude a distance of at least one thread beyond the top of the nut or plastic insert."

"In self-locking nuts where the distance from the top of the nut to the locking element (plastic insert) is equal to or greater than the chamfer, the bolt or stud end may be flush with the top of the nut."


So, it seems I'm probably OK, but I think I'm going to err on the side of safety and get a new thin Nyloc.



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...a longer bolt...

Well, yes.  The next size up (1/2" UNF) would be 3" -- plenty of room for the extra in the A-frame cup.  Fitting a T-type nyloc will bring me back into line with the Assembly Guide, but I'm left wondering why CC didn't specify the longer bolt in the first place?


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