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Caterham - Clutch kit - Plate & Cover - Uprated - AP SOLD

Superwhite R283

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Long story: As I was taking my engine out for a dry sump install I thought it would be sensible to put a new clutch plate and cover in, and thought why not put an uprated one in to save hassle later, so ordered the new parts from Caterham (actually cheaper than other options which I believe used to be cheaper). But when I took my clutch out it was already an uprated one! And looked basically new! I couldn't see much difference in thickness in material and all the markings and references are the same on the new and old one *banghead* 


Short story: Lightly used AP uprated Caterham Clutch kit - Plate & Cover as here, picture available soon on request, (also pictures available of a new one to compare) 7.5mm+ (measured my new one at 9mm), cost £403.20 plus postage, hows £170 plus postage


Assume it only fits Rover K series?

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