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peltor intercom install advice


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I've just bought myself a Peltor FMT120 intercom and an FC16 battery eliminator.

To install the battery eliminator is it simply a case of connecting the positive cable to the positive terminal on the battery and the earth cable to the chassis or any bare metal?

Any tips on where to mount it and wire it or to make things safer and/or easier would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Where are the experts? I have no idea about the details of fitting this, but a few more principles:

  • It needs a fuse, and the closer in the circuit to the battery the better.
  • You can use its own inline fuse, or a spare way on the existing fuse box, or double up on one of the ways in the existing fuse box
  • You need snug grommets wherever you pass a wire through a panel. And well-anchored wiring throughout.

There's some discussion in the archives about interference and ground loops with some intercoms.

I'd have a think about any other wiring needed at the same time, such as accessory power for devices or charging the battery, USB for devices and high-level brake lights.


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I have just fitted a starcom 1 intercom system.I have a battery master switch so I have fitted a second fusebox next to the heater control to run any other accessories from ie. power socket, intercom.I took the power for the fuse box straight from the master switch through an inline fuse (15amp) so that all the accessories have power without the ignition on but are switched off with the master switch.I have fitted the Starcom 1 on the bulkhead on the passenger side using the Velcro pads supplied.My car is an S3 but I found there was still enough room to fit the unit.I haven,t tried it out on the road yet but it seems to work in the garage with the engine running and no interference was evident.


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I found it best to connect to the ignition switch using the auxiliary terminal i.e. the one which is live on first click of the ignition key (normally used for radio). This gives the best of both worlds. Not live when ignition key removed, but can be used when stationary without full ignition on. 

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As I remember it the Peltor will need to be turned on/off via the drivers volume control whereas the Starcom system turns on automatically when a headset is connected. This means you will need to have the unit mounted where it can be reached from within the cockpit.

I took the power for my intercom directly from the battery through a fuse of course, following good practice as JK advises above. I don't need to change the output now it's set for talk between the two of us, when I connect a music source I can always change its output if required. 

My thoughts are that you will want the cables to the headsets to come along the seat belts as they do in rally cars, this may determine were you mount the unit? Mounting behind you makes it had to use, but good for cable runs, mounting under the dash not so great for cables.

You are welcome to look at my installation if it helps.




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