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Anglesey 2016 - Saturday Night @ the Oyster Catcher...

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after missing out at the Oyster Catcher last year, i've made a reservation for 8pm on Saturday 1st October, ** CONFIRMED FOR 31** and Menu can be sorted closer to the date.

  1. Chris Bramall
  2. Matt Bramall. 
  3. Mike Cocker
  4. Rob Jacobs
  5. Sally Turnbull (with RJ)
  6. Oli Wright
  7. Tony Smith
  8. Paul Collins
  9. John Davies
  10. Charlotte Johnson
  11. John Clarke
  12. Janice Clarke  (with JC)
  13. Andrew
  14. Richard Abraham
  15. Rich (with RA)
  16. Clive Marsden
  17. Philip Matchwick
  18. ​Andy Brown
  19. John Bransfield
  20. Graham Denholm
  21. Howard Russell
  22. Howard Russell Jnr
  23. Geoff Corker
  24. Graham Wardall
  25. ​Heather Wardall
  26. Shaun Elwell
  27. Gill Elwell
  28. Simon Rogers
  29. Chris Whitlow


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If I was only to do one event it would be Anglesey. Ok that's two events.

oh, I forgot about Gurston  Down which would be first on my list . . . And  the mandatory Curbs would be second I suppose.  But after them, Anglesey is my first choice, so can you put me down for Saturday night dinner please Chris.

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