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Whats this? Blackburn Automotive Ltd blue electronic box.

Brian Deacon

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Hi. New to Caterham ownership. Have a 2002 car with Zetec 2 litre engine running on carbs.  Under the hood I have a blue electronic box with "Blackburn Automotive Ltd" on it. Two plugs. Connected to a water temperature sensor, power, earth, and two what look like solenoids mounted just to the rear of the carbs. These have plastic pipes to the bottom of each carb. Not seen anything this on my previous cars. Anybody enlighten me on what system this is?   

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Not sure how to add a photo?

This is not connected to ignition. That has separate control box.  It does seem to be fuel connected but do not know of any carb electric connections other than throttle position sensors and its not that.  It does have a temperature sensor connected, but its not an electric choke as not on the carb chokes (no cable either as these are disconnected anyway).  Will post a picture if I can work out how to do it.  

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It would seem to be some sort of cold start.  The two solenoids each have an input pipe from the air filter and an output pipe to the intake manifold.  Pictures now attached.

This might explain my erratic and fast idle which cannot be reduced with the idle adjustment screw. If either of these solenoid operated valves has a leak I will always get air past the throttle butterfly valves.

Take it nobody else has this fitted ?

medium_DSC04781b.jpg.d3a1da652fe5a99ec9e398ecc7785a26.jpg      medium_DSC04778a.jpg.b8df716cdd45ec41e6cbac9726d65d5e.jpg

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If i wanted to find out what it did i would disconnect it !

If it makes no difference it isnt doing anything and you can throw it away and loose some weight !

Based on the lack of responses here and on Facebook it make be a " snake oil " product which may explain why the manufacturer is no more ....

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