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Sadev and Vauxhall XE Engine?


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I am considering replacing my Type 9 box with Sadev (SCL82-17) sequential box.  The car is a S3 Imperial chassis with a 2.0l XE.  I have looked through the archives, but there doesn't appear to anyone who has tried this configuration.  I am looking for a bit of advice:

1.  Does this Sadev use the standard gearbox mount?

2.  Can I reuse my existing prop shaft?

3.  Will the standard type 9 bellhousing mate to the Sadev?  Or do I need a new bellhousing?

4.  Does the input shaft need to be specific to the XE?  

5. Is input shaft the same as the Duratec input shaft?

6.  Is there anything else I should be considering?


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i would speak to SWR the Uk importer , i found them helpful when i had queries .

There used to be a fully dimensioned drawing of the box on the Sadev web site which might answer your questions about prop length and bell housing  bolt centers .

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