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Winter fettling


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Happy New Year to all

Having removed the throttle bodies for cleaning after my little 'off' at Curborough last year, the car is sitting on stands with plenty of opportunity for some TLC and fettling. A few folk mentioned it is worth replacing the metal bolts holding on the rear wings with nylon bolts (?) in the event of hitting something. I had a little look and it does not seem that straightforward without taking out the internal panel behind seats etc. Is there a simple way of doing the job??



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The ones behind the interior panels are fitted with rivnuts. Provided your existing still bolts are not seized or the rivnuts spinning, it's not difficult at all. Just replace one at a time working around the wing. 

One other thing is there is an earth attached on each side, on the lower rear wing which might cause difficulties if replaced with plastic bolts. I cut a bit out of the wing mounting face so that I could keep the steel bolt on the earth point without it securing the wing.  

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