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Air filter baseplate for K-series on 42mm DTH Jenveys


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I am looking to upgrade from my Pipercross filter socks to a mounted dome filter such as this:

Pipercross PX600 Twin Carburetor Air Filters

I understand this will require a bespoke base plate made, but before I go out and get one made, does anyone have one lying about that would be compatible?


P.S. I have a Bernard Scouse airbox with filter and back plate going spare if anyone would be interested in a swap deal.

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What trumpets are you using?

If more than 50mm, then a PX600 filter isn't ideal, as the trumpets are up against it..

I have an unused Pipercross 'dished' fibreglass backplate, that will allow longer trumpets.
It's easier to cut than a flat ally plate, too.

I also have a used, but OK PX600 filter to go with it.  

Finally, I have a Pipercross 600 airbox with remote filter, that would fit on the backplate.
This is unused.

Cheers - Simon


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Thanks all for you suggestions, but I think I have it sorted now.

I am using the Emerald adjustable trumpets set to 95mm long. Both the Pipercross PX600 and ITG JC50 filters come in an internal depth up to 150mm, so no issues in fitting a filter around such long trumpets.

A fellow member had an ITG JC50 filter and backplate which I'm going to try and use. The back plate fouled the fuel rail if fitted straight onto the TBs, so I will need to make some extended studs with 50mm spacers between TBs and trumpet adaptors. The backplate will then sit 50mm from the TBs and effectively half way up the trumpets.


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