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K series dry sump oil pipe/hose size? (sorry, another dry sump question)

Superwhite R283

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More dry sump questions (sorry):


I've bought the caterham duratec dry sump tank (triangular tank to go in front of the engine), now I need to make up some pipes to link this to the gold pump and the sump. The tank has male -12 (AN12) threads (approx. 15mm ID) and I believe the sump and gold pump have 5/8 males threads (if anyone knows it would be very helpful) (approx. 15mmID), I'm looking at using here (black fittings and black braided hose) all in AN12 size, with hopefully a fitting that will take the assumed 5/8 thread on the pump and sump, but the question is can I go smaller than AN12 pipe as I would like to use a quick connector to make removing the tank for cam belts change etc easier and to save the risk of bending the aluminium of the tank when undoing/doing up the fittings). The dry quick connectors are serious money but the wet (ie oil will come out when de connection) are a lot cheaper, but only go up to AN10, any thoughts?



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