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Safety Devices - Cage homologation certificate

Comp Sec

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For those of us running the earlier de dion Caterham cage with straight side bars and an overhead diagonal does anyone know if

a this design fully meets the requirements of the blue book

b who was the original manufacturer in the hope a retrospective homologation sticker might be obtainable



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Grahame.  I am sure that Safety Devices did those type of cages.  My cage is the saem as you describe and it is a SD cage.  Like Chris I phoned them a few months ago, they identified the cage (mine had a serial number on the left dashboard mounting point) and provided a replacement sticker very quickly.  Great service from SD.

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the cage is acceptable as being of smaller dimensions than stated in the blue book if it has the homologation sticker on it as this indicates that its design has been proven to be acceptable by calculation and approval by the MSA.

if you do not have a sticker then you need to contact safety devices with the serial number which is stamped on it together with photos from all angles of the cage and the cross in the middle of the read of the cage.

if they can find the original certificate for my live axle should be a doddle for yours providing you can find the serial number, and it is undamaged and unmodified.

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