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***Now gone*** Rear arches - free to good home.


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Taken from a 2005 (imperial) SV, although I think that's mostly irrelevant.

GRP rear arches, asymmetric for K-series exhaust.

Arches are currently Ferrari Grigio, aka Tarmac Grey. Plenty of scuffs, scratches, surface cracks and a couple of chips in the GRP, plus holes for standard Caterham lights and others (original light fixing holes plugged but could be re-drilled). Would best suit a racer looking for cheap, temporary items in anticipation of the next wheel-to-wheel contact and inevitable loss / destruction.

NOTE: The carbon stone guards in the pictures have long since been sold and are not included with the arches. Removing these has revealed the arches have been through four fittings of guards, i.e. there's four sets of rivet holes. These arches really would be best suited to a racer who was going to wrap them.



Mud spatter probably included. Plenty more on the undersides too, although I'll do my best to knock the worst off...

Free to a good home if you collect from Sheffield, seeing as no-one seemed to want to part with any cash for them.

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Hi Ed,

Unfortunately already arranged to be transported to Jonathan.

Although... as you're local to me, and they're not going until the 28th, you could message Jonathan and ask if he'd mind them having had some additional wrapping practice done on them. He may even be planning on doing the same and might welcome the work / stand your costs for a particular colour.


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