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VHPD head issues - different head - different engine - different car?


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You could replace it with a VVC head and remove the VVC mechanism - the valves and ports are the same size as on a VHPD. Piper sell a blanking kit as well as camshafts of the correct diameter. DVA (oilyhands on here) can supply. You'll want a head that has been tested for hardness. While you're at it, may as well have it ported and fit some better camshafts *biggrin* 

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My old engine had a ported VVC head, standard valve sizes and mild cams on a standard VVC160 bottom end and that made 200bhp/160lbft.

One of my many emails to Oily over the years was actually titled "Ultimate potential of a VVC head?" It's on another computer, but if Dave is OK with it, I shall forward it on to you, to save him some typing and repeating of information, which I'm certain he has to do on a daily basis!

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