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Removing Throttle bodies from K Series


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I have just re-read my message and I think it is a little ambiguous. I am looking for some help/advice on taking the throttle bodies off the engine. I am then sending them to Titan for renovation. 

Any help/tips on the removal (and then re-fitting) would be much appreciated. 



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TBH it pretty easy.  Ive got old SLR/ KV6 throttle bodies on my 1.8k, so wont be identical.  The main things to look at in a rough order are: 

  • depressurise the fuel system as you'll be removing/ disconnecting the fuel rail. I do this by pulling the fuse of of the fuel pump while the engine is running. Alternatively just have plenty of rags to mop up residual fuel within the fuel rail.  
  • disconnecting the electrical connections and fuel hose connection to the fuel rail/ injectors. Remove fuel rail if necessary (2 bolts).
  • Take off air filter to avoid damage, remove throttle cable from the TB actuator.
  • Take of under mount TB support of you have one. I just undo the TB end rather than remove altogether.
  • Undo the bleed coolant hose that goes from the head to the coolant reservoir, either catch with a pot/ rag or drain down coolant first.  Im normally lazy and just deal with any coolant with rags.
  • Crack the bolts holding the head to the engine, I also have a couple of studs in the head with nuts on.  
  • Remove the fasteners, taking the weight as they come off, and draw the TB away from the engine.  The gasket on mine is a metallised gasket that I remove and reuse.

I think that's it, takes about an hour tops.  

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