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SV FIA Roll Bar Height?


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Inspired by the Track Day thread, could I ask a favour please?

Is there a kind soul with a Metric Chassis SV, equipped with an FIA Roll Bar (and if such a thing exists for an SV a "tall" FIA bar, who next time he/she is in their 7's lair, could find out how tall vertically the roll bar is from where it meets the chassis to the top of the bar (as I've attempted to show what I mean on a picture I found that Grubbster took of his Academy build showing an FIA bar)


I'm interested to know if the thicker tubing results in a taller bar that the standard one, and currently size matters *whistle* and might save me some cash on a custom one.



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Hmmm... bearing in mind that I made that drawing a while ago for something that the measurement you are after didn't really matter (hence the '~' before the 350mm) I've just been to re-measure. I reckon that taking the top end of the error means that it could be 368mm.

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